The Art Studio art classes give adults and children the opportunity to discover and develop their creativity, increasing their skills of observation and application of a wide range of different media.

 Children, in particular, will benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of the world around them, through learning about different artists, as well as art styles in different cultures and throughout history.

Activities include drawing, painting, printing, collage, mixed media

and 3D techniques, in small groups of no more than 8 children or 7 adults.


The sessions are always carried out in a relaxed setting, with the emphasis on fun and exploration.

The Art Studio is based at my home in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. I have a large, light, comfortable space with access to the garden.

The following photos are of children creating. See the Adult Classes page for more information about the adults' sessions.

A Safe Space

Focus and Enjoyment

Relaxed Exploration

Varied Materials

Fun and Encouragement