What do the children and parents think of the art classes?


She has really helped make our art better, and it has been a great experience for us all. Archie

I am always looking forward to art on a Saturday. Harriet

Both my boys attend this art group. They absolutely love it. Nicky is an inspiration. A wonderful art teacher, amazing art ideas, kids have great fun whilst practising art skills which result in stunning masterpieces. Vanessa


Rosie has really benefited in so many ways from coming to your club. She is happier and more confident since starting. It has even given her an extra connection with her art-loving Granny. Thank you so much for giving Rosie your time and inspiration. Kat

My daughter loves the art studio. She’s learnt a lot of new skills through Nicky and her art is developing beautifully. The classes are relaxed and fun. We both enjoy the updates on what is happening in the next block. And I like seeing the photos of the children in action, great to see what they get up to. Would thoroughly recommend these classes to any new budding artists out there. Sophie

My daughter looks forward to Saturday mornings when she can zone out and create her own masterpieces in the style of Matisse or Miro, learning new techniques from Nicky who is very talented in her own right. The classes are structured but relaxed and Nicky is so lovely and welcoming. Auriole

What do the adults think of the adult art classes?

A highlight of my week, Nicky’s class is fun, relaxing and fulfilling. As a total novice, I’ve already learnt so much about different materials and styles without being made to feel at all intimidated. Nicky creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, lubricated with coffee and cake - what could be nicer? Sue


I am greatly enjoying Nicky’s classes and look forward to Fridays. Nicky is an excellent teacher and even when some subjects are more challenging than others Nicky sorts out the problem. A lovely warm atmosphere and friendly companions.  A real find.  Lesley

Nicky’s teaching is inspiring. Her adult art sessions are fun and enjoyable, and offer lots of opportunities to learn about and apply new techniques. The group size is kept small enough for plenty of individual attention and guidance. Julie Courtenay


Great fun, very friendly and chilled. No skills in art required, but you will leave feeling happy and relaxed and maybe have a pretty picture as a bonus. Everyone needs a bit of art time in their week. Sarah

Thoroughly enjoyable. I can’t recommend it enough. Making time for yourself, doing something you will love and with Nicky’s guidance, learning new skills whatever artistic ability you have. Give it a go! You won’t regret it. Debbie

Love it. 2 hours of brain detox with a great group of people. Having no prior drawing experience, with Nicky’s teaching and guidance I have produced work I am proud of. Can’t recommend it enough. Jo

Food for the soul! I agree 100% with all the comments above.  I love art but wouldn't consider myself an artist.  The best thing is I am starting to think I might actually put my art up.... framed! Even though the lovely people who also attend have a mixture of abilities and styles, everyone is so supportive - you come away feeling good about art whatever happens.  I even pinch other people's ideas sometimes - isn't that what all the great artists do?!! 😁 Lou

I can thoroughly recommend trying this out. Nicky’s art classes are what I look forward to most all week. It’s great to spend two hours in a relaxing atmosphere losing yourself while you get into your creative flow. Nicky knows how to create the perfect atmosphere and is a brilliant teacher too. I don’t have any particular skill as an artist but I’ve been going for a few weeks now and I love it and the other people in the class are all great fun and very friendly. Give it a go! 👍 Sam